In Los Altos, the high hills above the town of Tequila, jimadores harvest endless fields of blue agave the way they have for nearly 200 years–by hand, with the coa de jima. Agave can grow for up to 14 years before they are taken; the juice extracted from each piña, once distilled, will “rest” from 2 months to 12 years. The Old World pace of the town finds its way into every sip of tequila, a drink that in its essence is handmade.

Nearly 600 kilometers away in taquerias all over La Capital an equal dedication to craft can be found at a much more bustling pace.

As all cultural roads lead to Mexico City–the City of All Mexicans–ingredients from all
corners of the country find their way into the taco. While preparations can be complex and exacting, the taco as a way to eat is simple and quick, the perfect match for the City’s modern speed.  

At THE SAINT we believe the ideal pace for leisure draws from both worlds. It is our goal to bring a reverence for the handmade into everything that we do. Each flavor in our tacos and quesos fundidos begins in our kitchen as a raw ingredient. We make everything by hand, from scratch. We create our cocktails in the same spirit: with fresh juices, syrups and infusions that have been prepared over as many as 21 days. Every cocktail is measured by hand, every single time. As a drink, we feel tequila deserves nothing less.

Welcome to THE SAINT. Please relax, unwind and savor our celebration of flavor and history.